Body Wellness

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Foot Detox

Foot detox is an ionic bath for your feet. The purpose of this bath is to draw toxins and heavy metals out of your feet for a healthier overall body. The way it works is by soaking your feet in water that has been enhanced with electrolytes. These electrolytes create positive and negative ions that interchange with positive and negative ions in your body. When the ions come out, they bring the toxins with them, leaving your body healthier and purer.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Is Colon hydrotherapy safe?
Colon hydrotherapy is a safe process for colon cleansing and is an accepted preparation for colonoscopy. Especially when performed by properly trained hydrotherapists such as our own, using FDA-registered equipment, colon hydrotherapy is absolutely safe for patients with no contraindications.
Our equipment is manufactured in compliance with strict federal guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. Disposable, single-use rectal tubes are always used and our facility is immaculately clean.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is the process of lighting a hollow candle and placing it over your ear canal for about 15 minutes. This accomplishes two things. First, the low-level suction created by the flame pulls ear wax and other debris out of your ear and into the candle cavity. Second, the heat helps soften the ear wax that doesn't pull out, so it can come out over the next few days.

Infrared Yoni steam

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Yoni Steaming + Consultation

• One Womb Consultation
• 2 Customized Vaginal Steam Blends
• 2 follow up checkups via phone to discuss your progress
• Lifestyle recommendations and supplement
• Nutritional Health Lifestyle Guide Recommendation
• 2 Yoni Steams

Vape` | Goddess Yoni Steam + Consultation

This is your first initial consultation. Yoni Steam is a simple, gentle, and sacred process where you will sit over a pot of prepared hot water + healing organic herbs, such as cinnamon bark, ginger root, lavender, dandelion, and much more, tailored to your healing journey, allowing the steam to warm, soften, and heal the vulva, perineum, vagina, cervix, and uterus. You can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate to enhance your womb’s health with our various V Steam herbal blends that yield specific results. This includes sound healing therapy and meditation in each session, which will aid you in your healing process. You deserve it; your womb is divine.

Bain & Vape` | Post-partum Steaming, Bath + Consultation

The postpartum period begins immediately after birth and lasts for about 30 days. The mother remains in the home, focusing on rest and recuperation. A common practice during the post-partum period is "three baths." In the first three days, the mother bathes in fortified water prepared from boiling special herbs in the water. These herbs relax the mother and cause her muscles to tighten. This is known as the first bath. Mothers are also encouraged to drink a special tea made from the same mixture.

Vape` | Goddess Steam Follow Up

This is for those who want to continue with self-care after your initial consultation for regular maintenance. You will be sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with herbs personalized to your healing journey. These herbs will restore and balance your divine feminine cycles in all life stages, with sound therapy to connect you to your inner Wombyn. I AM Divine Wellness Center is exclusively by appointment only and this will allow your service to be performed in a private setting.


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Service Enhancement (Add-On)

Free at signup & birthday. Members save up to 70% OFF. Kick your healing treatment up a notch with these service enhancements! Make for a complete and fulfilling experience during your stay with us.

Service Upgrade

Have a better and accomplishing treatment and leave fresher than ever with these service upgrades. From CBD Oils and their medicinal properties to herbal blends which will add an organic healing process to your treatment.