Vaginal steaming is used in nearly all native cultures but is mainly practiced in Africa. For many years, it has been a common practice in African culture for the health of the women. Women from many different cultures, such as Central America, Asia, South Africa, and Haiti have used yoni steaming as a natural cure for cleaning the vagina, uterus, and all the reproductive tract. Haiti is famous for using post-partum yoni steaming.


After giving childbirth, women use steam baths in many cultures. It is part of the traditional treatment after childbirth to restore health, energy, and pelvic tone. For instance, in Haiti, women are advised to do vaginal steaming with herbs daily for two weeks after childbirth to restore the tone, heal the pelvic and clear the uterine lining altogether. After D&C, abortion, and miscarriage, we recommend that all women undergo a course of vaginal steams. It is sensible to start signaling the female body that it is time to move into another lifecycle.


The vaginal steam bath promotes healing and restores a woman’s reproductive health conditions with regular practice.


Your first initial consultation session will be one on one. We will talk about your aims, concerns, and current problems. We prepare the steam for you by using different herbs according to your current condition. You can also add other herbs by upgrading your services, such as rose petals, soursop, orange peel, lavender, or select our desired herb.

The Yoni Steam process is simple, gentle, and sacred. You will sit over a pot of hot water containing healing herbs, according to your healing path, and allow the steam to warm, soften and heal the uterus’ cervix, vagina, perineum, and vulva. With our different V Steam herbal blends that produce unique results, you can relax, refresh, and recover to improve your sexual health. In every session, we also use sound healing.

The womb has its chakra, the sacral chakra, which carries the mirror of your soul’s reactions. Our souls are light and vibration, and we can best link to the feminine universal divine by ancient healing of the womb. The womb chakra is powerful, and if its strength is harnessed, much pain can be levied. This energy is harnessed by meditations, techniques, and mantras intended to strengthen this essential chakra.


What makes our yoni steam unique from most?

Besides their beautiful state of the art design, red and near infrared light therapy sets our V Steam Sauna thrones apart from any other in the industry. This custom built in component adds extra health & anti-aging skin benefits to this already amazing treatment. These healthful lights reduce oxidative stress and boost circulation – so your tissues receive more oxygen and other nutrients while also releasing pathogenic accumulations. Infrared light therapy is a highly safe and effective natural skin treatment – which has been shown in expansive clinical research to boost collagen, reduce fat cells, stimulate the mitochondria, and reduce cellulite, wrinkles, and blemishes.

Red light therapy also helps with sleep, muscle recovery, joint pain, inflammation – and more.

our V spa chair also consist of tourmaline stone in its compartment

Tourmaline emits an ion by generating current when it is applied on heat or pressure on it. It is expending the capillaries in human body, promote blood circulation, active cells, metabolic, gastrointestinal movement, Recovery from fatigue, nerve pain relief and improving symptoms for vaginal diseases.
Far infrared rays are used in both our v spa to help boost the detoxification process in our body.

Our V spa main components- steam, water, essence and amethyst gemstone all the goodness for a divine steam session.

What’s included:

WARNING! YOU CANNOT V STEAM: While pregnant, breastfeeding, on your menstrual cycle or right after having intercourse, no steaming on hormone replacement therapy or IUD…if you have an infection and or have a vaginal sore or blister or open wounds, before steaming all genital piercings must be removed. Do Not Steam After Waxing. Shaving and Intercourse Should Be Avoided 48 Hours Prior to a Steam Session